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Wave MiniBOSS System
Wave MiniBOSS
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Wave MiniBOSS IMO Oil Water Seperator

An MEPC 107(49) certified bilge filter system giving effective control and prevention of oily bilge water discharge with Wavestream System 3 filters.

The Wave MiniBOSS with Wavestream™ oil removal technology removes trace oils to less than 5 ppm. The IMO certified Oil in Water Monitor, with 18 month data logging, keeps bilge water discharge within the IMO required 15 and 5 ppm levels. Flow rate 0.25 M /hour, small, light and easy to maintain. Wavestream™ gives MiniBOSS a large oil holding capacity.

Available with 24V DC pump to 3.4 bar, or 110 / 220v AC with inverter.

Effective and long lasting cartridges

The Wavestream™ cartridge uses a unique filter media developed to remove even the smallest trace of oil and emulsion.

Due to the high efficiency and capacity of the cartridge the removal of oil from bilge water is not affected by the flow rate.

The Wavestream™ filters are installed in MiniBOSS Oil Water Separator ensuring only clean, oil free water is pumped overboard.

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