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Commercial Systems

Wavestream™ Commercial Systems:

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Stainless Steel Systems

Wavestream™ Commercial
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Wavestream™ Commercial Systems

Wavestream™ simply and economically removes all trace oils, controlling the discharge from oil water separators, ensuring improved overboard water quality, fewer shut downs and less maintenance.

Used by shipping and tanker fleets as a secondary system to improve bilge pumping operations.

Also used as a primary system in workboats, superyachts, fishing boats, lifeboats, pilot and patrol boats.

There is a wide range of single or multiple cartridge housings in polypropylene and stainless steel to cover all bilge pump and separator installations. Systems are available to suit any weight and space requirement. 

Effective and long lasting cartridges

The Wavestream™ cartridge uses a unique filter media developed to remove even the smallest trace of oil and emulsion.

Due to the high efficiency and capacity of the cartridge the removal oil in water is not affected by the flow rate of the bilge water. 

The Wavestream™ filters are simply installed in the system after the bilge pump or after the Oil Water Separator as a polisher, ensuring only clean, oil free water is pumped overboard.  Improves bilge pumping operations and has been found to reduce maintenance cost and time significantly.

Cartridge change out is quick and simple and can become part of a regular maintenance schedule or as required by the oil in water monitor.

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