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wavestream system3 4stand

Wavestream™ Commercial
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Lloyds Type Approved

Wavestream™ 3 4STAND System

The WSS3 is used in single and multiple sets. Most shipping applications will use a set of two or four of these systems in series.

This configuration offers low capital cost while maintaining high efficiency and low maintenance.

wavestream system 3 4stand

The Wavestream™ cartridge uses a unique filter media developed to extract all types of oil from bilge water.

Wavestream™ removes dispersed and dissolved oils, and importantly emulsions.

Due to the filter media, and the method it uses to remove the contamination, oil removal is not affected by high flow rates of bilge water.  Therefore the systems cover a wide range of separator and bilge pump installations. 

The Wavestream™ filter is simply installed before the oil in water monitor and discharge point, after the separator and bilge pump. Ensuring only clean, oil free water, within legal limits is pumped overboard.
Cartridge change out is quick and simple and can become part of a regular maintenance schedule or as required by the oil in water monitor.  

4stand application

wavestream system 3 4stand

Max. Pressure : 6.2 bar
Max. Temperature : 37 deg. C
Min. Temperature : 1 deg. C
Connections : 1 1/2 Inch BSP
Cartridge : WS-C3

A : 1110mm
B : 1050mm
C : 870mm

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